Monday, April 18, 2011

Cupcakes and Spring

We have to make cupcakes at least once a month in our house.  If not cupcakes...then a cake or apple crisp or SOMETHING sweet!

This weekend the weather was nice and when I was cleaning, we were making cupcakes and hanging outback.  My daughters roses bloomed again and the 'cotton snow' from our tree covered just about everything and we took tons of photos.

I was cleaning out the pantry and saw that we had one container of cream cheese icing and one box of white cake mix...combined that with the last of the food coloring and voilà! We divided the batter into 3 and dyed each one the remainder of the dye - green, yellow and blue.  Then poured them in layers and baked!

The rest of the weekend (besides cleaning) we sat outback, watched the dog lounge and dodged 'cotton snow'!

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