Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Donald Trump for President?

Hell No. Every four years, Donald Trump engages in a ritual flirtation: He muses about running for president, suggests how terrific he'd be at it, and then decides he'd be better off not running.

It's a sideshow. Trump says that everyone's talking more about him than other actual candidates...and to him that's good news. Um, ok?

You know who everyone is also talking about? That stupid Rebecca Black and her 'Friday' song. You know, about how stupid it is.They're also talking about Lady Gaga and how she just fell in Houston during a show.  Oh, and people are buzzing about Justin Beiber and his his hair.  It's gossip - sideshow - pop culture.  Not actual news, not serious business about running a damn country.  But I guess to someone like Trump - if you're being talked about, it's all good. There's nothing wrong with bad publicity, because after all it's publicity...right Trump? The more we talk about him, the more he loves it.

Look, there are tons of real estate firms in New York, but I bet you have probably only heard of one that you can name off the top of your head :  Trump Organization. It's based on a personal brand.  People like brands based on people. Think Tommy Hilfiger, Kenneth Cole and Ralph Lauren. Think Magic Johnson Enterprises. Think Martha Stewart. Personal brands are memorable. Except they're remembered for the wrong reason...Martha Stewart - we all remember her name because of her jail time and possibly the alleged running over her Gardner with a mower...or something like that. The stories grow with time.

Trumps platform is "Yea, I know my companies have filed for more bankruptcies than I can count, and yes, I fleeced all the investors, and yes, I am the only one who ever make money in my deals, and of course I am a joke like the Tea Party, but I want you to vote for me because I found my birth certificate."  One of his most recent comments about Nobama is how he presents himself.  "What are those sandals that he wore the other day?" Trump demands disbelievingly, reacting to the image of the vacationing president in a Hawaiian ice cream parlor, sporting swimming trunks and flip-flops. "I wouldn't be wearing flip-flops," Trump says of Obama. "I don't like it. I don't think that is what the president is supposed to be representing." Thank God for Trump because the wearing of flip flops by a President is a shameful thing. He loves to talk about himself in very grandeur ways, "Who's been more in the public eye than me?" he argues. "For 30 years I've been a very public person. And who's dealt with politicians more than me? I probably have raised and given more money to politicians than anybody. I've been very much a part of politics in this country. It's not like I'm a novice."

Besides the obviously bad hair and fake tanning that makes me want to run Trump through a car wash with no car, there are other facts that don't make me want to run to the polls and vote for him as President.  He ran his casino into the ground and I feel he'll do the same to our country. He publicly feuded with Rosie O'Donnell and now Bill Cosby because they don't like him.  Rosie did mistakingly say he filed for personal bankruptcy, but please sir, grow up. Bill Cosby obviously is a rat bastard and Rosie's a loser - because they don't like him.  Don't pout, Trump.  Let it go.  The bigger person inside you should always just let it go.  But no, you have to go on television and radio twice as much as anyone else to have the last word.  That is very grown up, Mr. Trump. If you are President, will you hold press conferences calling another country 'losers' because they don't like you? Awesome.

People are touting "He's saying things NO OTHER CANDIDATE ever has - what he'll change!!"  Um...hello? He's a sly business man - that's his job!  He gets paid to tell you what you want to hear! In my opinion he's full of shit.

If one puts himself on a pedestal and rises himself above all those around him, those around him will follow.  He's sly and calculated.  He's corporate America - all about money...all about his own money and his own deals.  On his show, Celebrity Apprentice, you can literally see his manipulative webs being spun on the 'contestants'.  One may start out with an opinion of their own, but by the end of a conversation Trump has totally made them second guess themselves.

Now, in all honestly, my dimply ass would make a better President than Nobama.  But I don't want Donald Trump in the Oval Office redecorating it with gold covered desks and shimmery organza curtains like a casino.

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