Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Easter Menu

Easter is just days away and I think I have it all planned.  I will be making a ham.  Yes, you read it correct. A ham.  A pig.  An animal.

This is the first Easter with my Gaga in heaven - she always made ham.  I can't help but be sentimental.  I loved that woman to pieces. So, a ham it is.

I also found a wonderful dish for an early brunch to use the dyed Easter eggs that won't have us consuming a ton of Deviled Eggs.  But, if you know me, I can't resist making Deviled Eggs on a 'religious' holiday. >:)

I will also be making the pears with cream cheese and jelly beans my Gaga always made.  I know, from that description it is kind of hard to envision what the hell that is. But I promise you - it's fuckinfantastical!

Homemade potatoes au gratin will be made and green beans with dinner rolls.  Bam.  Easter on a plate.

I won't be attending church or anything - duh.  I don't 'do' organized religion - sorry if that's a news flash to anyone.  I will be spending it with my family. I will be setting an Easter table, cooking scrumptious food and enjoying the day with my family.

For dessert we're making a creamy strawberry pie and possibly some Peeps cupcakes.

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