Friday, April 22, 2011

I'm An ADD Cleaner

Today is Good Friday.  For me, it's the start of Easter Preparations 2011.  Cleaning is what I'm doing first.  Starting with the kitchen.

I plan to clean off the window seat - it's the perfect lighting for photography of food!  But it's also what our cat Sophie has adopted as her 'room'.  So good luck there.

Here's where the ADD comes in.  I emptied the dishwasher, then loaded it.  Wiped everything down and cleaned all Sophie's paw prints from the glass top kitchen table....which appear about 3 seconds after I wipe the glass clean.  Thanks Sophie.  She likes to play in her water...then go tinkle in the litter box, then traipse her gross paws all over my table!

Then I moved to the bar.  I purchased some purple flowers for the Easter table setting that I put on the bar for now.  I went out back with them to water them and let them get some sun.  Came back in.  Now where was I?

Oh yes, the bar.  Wait, I need the broom. Cat litter on the floor in the kitchen....damn cat.

Where's the broom?  Oh, outside.  Oh well.  Let's go out back...and I'll bring my Blackberry and my coffee and have a smoke. Then I'll get the broom and go sweep the kitchen.

So, I sit.  Drink my coffee.  Have a smoke.  And then notice - the mess.  Our cottonwood tree has 'snowed' ALL over the yard..for a couple of weeks now.  The patio and patio table is COVERED in cottony snow.  Before I can bring the broom inside, I need to sweep out here.  And clean the table.

Which brings us to now.  I'm sitting at the laptop, helping my daughter with her math homework, blogging about my ADD cleaning habits.

It will get done today.  I swear. Maybe not in an order that makes any sense to anyone else.  But it will get done.

Window Seat
Back Patio
Steam Cleaning
Boiling Eggs

It will get done.

*Hours later - most of it got done.  But letting my daughter have a sleep-over while trying to cook and clean proved itself a tiring effort.  I fed faces while doing everything else.  Sunday night, I felt like I had been cleaning and cooking for three days...wait that WAS what I was doing.  I need a vacation now.

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