Monday, April 11, 2011

Review - Color Fix

A while back I did a Color Oops reivew...taking the black out of my own hair to reveal my natural auburn hair color.  I've been very happy with Color Oops and it's become quite a staple in the house hold of hair coloring freaks that live under our roof.  

While at Sally's the other day, I saw there was another hair color remover product.  One thing I always check for in these types of products is NO bleach and NO ammonia.  This product is like Color Oops (which I can never find at Sally's) and is called One 'N Only Color Fix.

It comes with the two lotions you mix together and apply to remove the color and a last step of  a processing lotion.  

I did this process on my hair about a week in true MommieDawn style, I didn't take any photos during the process. 

It worked fine on me.  Got rid of all the black dye I had in my hair. 

So my daughter wanted to try it.  

She also had some black color in her hair and bleached bangs that had a teal Manic Panic color in it.  

It took out her black and most of the teal.  Then we did the Processing Lotion...and that made it a bit darker. I'm not sure what the last step is for, but it did make the brown turn a little darker after we did it.  So...who knows.  It didn't work out so much for my daughter, but it did on me.   

It seemed harsher on the hair than Color Oops! So we won't be using this again. 

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