Wednesday, April 13, 2011

TSA Agent Gropes 6 Year Old

Come on, son!  You know better than to tell a tale!

While it may be uncomfortable to watch, it's not groping.   Anyone armed with a camera phone these days deem themselves reporters....regardless of how little the story is.

Groping?!?!? Seriously..its a pat-down using the back of hands with explanation as its being done with what is being done.  If terrorists are willing to fly planes filled with people of all ages into large buildings to level them onto thousands below, I`m sure they don`t care who gets killed or how. If the mom wants her kids to get through security she should dress them and herself (assuming they walked through the sensors together) in clothes that don`t have metal, etc.

I saw part of this story on my local news this took place in Kentucky.  The parents were there and the procedure was explained to the child in a nice, kind voice and she was patted down with the back of the female TSA Agent's gloved hands.  Oh...the horror. Everyone needs to remember that children have been used to carry explosives and contraband before. And if we didn't "randomly" check this child, but "randomly" checked the child of someone that might fit into a preconceived look, people would scream discrimination.
I hate the fact that we have stoop to this level, but this is the reality of the world today (no matter what you may believe are the causes).

Selena Drexel (the mother) says such searches are inappropriate for children because they're usually told not to let adults touch them in sensitive areas. However, does Selena Drexel realize that those speeches given to our children are regarding when WE THE PARENTS are NOT present? Come on, Miss know this...right?

If this mother can't take her child being screened IN HER PRESENCE with an almost Sesame Street explanation, I don't know how she will handle anything. Holy Jesus.

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