Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Blue Lagoon, Veggie Packs, Sunburn Holiday Weekend

Let me just start this post out by saying I LOVE CAMPING!  I love cooking outside, sleeping under the stars, hanging out in nature with my awesome friends and just getting away!  Twice a year we try to do this.  If we make it once a year - I'm happy.

Every year I bring a video camera and a regular camera and try to capture all the fun we have....however....apparently I'm too into relaxing to really capture everything I want.  So, what I end up with is what I end up with.  I can't be bothered to stop relaxing and enjoying myself to take pics and vids...although I really do try.

The Blue Lagoon is a Private SCUBA diving facility for certified SCUBA divers. Non divers are allowed to swim at your own risk. There is no Life Gaurd on Duty. - that's the official explanation of it.  For me it's wilderness, no computers, no TV and no telling time kind of get away.  It's located in Huntsville, Tx and not a far drive for us, but it feels like a world away from 'reality'.   You pay per day, their rental fees on SCUBA equipment, bring your food and tents and RELAX.

The mister and I arrived Saturday afternoon, after stopping off in Willis to eat at The Original Super Burger #4.   I had a veggie burger which was delicious and the mister had a burger and onion rings.  They boast a BIG burger...if you eat it you get on the wall of fame....and from the photos it was HUGE.

VEGGIE PACKS!  I make these at home, but they're awesome to make while camping because of how easy it is it make and clean up!  While answering a "What are you going to make this weekend?" question thrown out by Veggie Belly, I decided to blog about it, since apparently I never have (or have I?)

Take whatever veggies you want to steam, cut them and put them in a big sheet of foil.  EVOO, salt and pepper and seasonings and toss on the pit to steam them.  Bam! Done!  I make enough to share because they're so good.

Laying out my prep station....hahaha

Sliced onion, mushrooms, squash, green onion and broccoli

Put some in foil, EVOO and seasonings...

Wrap it up tight....

And toss on the grill!

There it is!

That's my handsome mister!

And even though I used a sunscreen with SPF of 70, I'm still a pain and hating life.  But I had fun getting red!

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