Friday, May 20, 2011

Botox Mom is a Nutjob

A week ago I saw this story - "Mom Injects Child With Botox".  It was all over the place.  The gist of the story was, with photos, that a mother who was a nurse of some sore, injected her daughter with botox.  Her daughter is nine years old and enters those kid beauty pageants.  Take a breath.

Now...after this story goes public - the child and mother are interviewed on Entertainment Tonight.

The mother doesn't want to say where she gets her botox and the kid says she doesn't like her 'wrinkles'.  Jesus Christ.  ok

THEN...the kid gets taken away...CPS steps in and an investigation starts.

The mother NOW says - wait...there's a few stories.  She says she was paid by The Sun the amount of $200.oo for the story.  She says it was fake.  I bet so!

Then wait...The Sun didn't pay her...they set her up? Who took the photo? I can't keep anything she says straight.

Then she says it was an 'acting job'. "I was doing just an acting job...I didn't know this was gonna be this big."

Bitch...shut up.  You're done.  You're poor kid.  Ugh.

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