Friday, May 27, 2011

Moody Review - Ross

I love Ross : Dress For Less.  I really, really do.  We're there maybe once a month or more if there's a trip coming up or a dance or a the past two months.

The past two months have been filled with Pop Show, choir banquets, birthday parties, camping trips...etc.  So we've been there quite a few times.  But each time, I am never shocked at the deals I get.  With my oldest it's all about the clothes.

We got a VERY cute dress for her choir banquet. The dress was roughly 20 bucks and the wrap sweater was about $4.99 I believe.

My youngest daughter is ALL about make up.  Thank you Ross for having a make up section.  LA Colors, E.L.F. and more.  Name brands in box sets from $4.99 to $9.99.  Come ON!  It's crazy.

Yesterday I got her an LA Colors Color Craze Nail Polish set with 7 bottles in it for $9.99.  I've priced them at 3 per set for almost $8.00, so it was a deal!

There's on bottle of Purple missing...thanks to our kitty Sophie who 
can't pass up the opportunity to knock things off the table
and on to the floor....

I got a Naturale Beauty set of mineral powders for $5.99. The set includes mineral base, mineral booster, mineral blush and a applicator brush.  Online their 'starter kit' is $45.00, so this was most definitely a bargain.

When my daughter and I were checking out yesterday, we chatted it up with the cashier.  She was so cute and maybe 18 or so years old.  She saw the Hello Kitty earphones and loved them, asked if there were any more. They're too cute, and my youngest cannot pass up anything Hello Kitty! These retail for about $15.00 and we got them for $6.99.

The cashier and I and my daughter had a discussion about the make up too!  It's nice to have personable staff at many people are in a rush and could barely glance your way let alone have a conversation.

So, thanks Ross!

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