Friday, May 6, 2011

Mother's Day is coming!

I carried two humans in my body and brought them into this world. Inside my body I made life and carried it around until it grew big enough to join the rest of us.  Each pregnancy was completely different.

With my oldest I craved sweets. I couldn't get enough!  Everything that was ever so delicious to me was like vomit.  My mom's home made spaghetti for one....smelled and tasted like vomit.  I had morning sickness for six months straight.  I had toxemia and on bed rest for weeks and weeks. I grew so huge that on Christmas day I couldn't even wear my shoes.  I wore my slippers that day to my parents.  That was the first day I had Braxton-Hicks too.   I went into labor four weeks early.  It was also the day of my Baby Shower.  I missed it.  My first born was ready to make an appearance.

Six hours of labor and a trip to the operating room for an emergency C-Section - I had my first born.  A girl.  I didn't get to see her that day.  She went straight to the NICU.  She was very sick and 4 weeks early.  But she was the biggest baby in the NICU by far at 8lb 8oz.  I remember crying a lot that first day.  I couldn't see my baby, except through a view finder on our cam-corder.  She had so many tubes and wires going in and out.  But let's flash forward 17 years, shall we?  She's my mini me.  My gorgeous songbird.  My hilariously hysterical clown. My brainiac in flip flops.  She's the one that made me a mother.

My second child was completely different.  I craved hardly anything but fried and spicy food. She gave me no trouble while in my womb.  And she made her appearance the day before my grandfather's birthday in 1996.  My Popo asked me to hold her in, just one more day.  I would have loved to.  This birth was a natural birth and when she first started to come out to greet the world I was instructed to look down and grab her.  I brought her the rest of the way and lay her on my chest.  There aren't words to express that moment.  I can say that the emotions and memory of that moment has erased any pain of the 16 hours of labor and pushing that kid put me through.

She, like her sister, was whisked off to the NICU with punctures in her lungs.  But was ready to come home the next day.  This is my shy child.  She was dubbed 'Velcro Baby' by my father and it's true to this very day. She's a gentle and creative spirit.  She has found her voice and uses it wisely.  She is finding out who she really is, and I'm astounded daily by her maturity and acceptance.  She is my little artist. She is my researcher. She wants to make the world beautiful.  She is the one who taught me to be a better mother.

My daughters have given me so much, it's hard to put into words.  They've made me want to live so much just by their being.  They've made me want to die so quickly just to guarantee they'd have no more pain.  I'd move heaven and earth for these two.  They've been my best friends and a thorn in my side.  But never....not even once...did I ever have to remind myself why I had them.

I love you, girls.

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