Monday, May 16, 2011

Planting, Awesome Weather And Wine

Oh my GAWD the weather was beautiful this weekend!  Saturday, the plan was to clean out/organize/garage sale prep the garage.  That didn't happen.  I ended up renewing our back patio.  It's Spring, afterall.

I went to Lowe's and purchased some plants,as I mentioned in my last post.  Lowe's wasn't crazy busy, but I always enjoy the fast check out they provide.  A checker comes to you with their price gun....zaps everything and when you get to the register - give them the number assigned to you and're done!  While I was waiting in line, I got to make goo-goo eyes with the cutest kids, and help their parents keeping the kids entertained whilst they got checked out.  Ahhh...that put a smile on my face.

I also headed to Big Lot's and got a new hose, sprayer and attachment nozzle to elongate our old hose to reach the whole back yard. The connector (from old hose to new hose) has a shut off valve. Awesome.  Now I don't have to pray and try to 'throw' water to all my plants. :)

I got back home, changed clothes and proceeded to clean out the pathetic little bed under the window.

Out came the rake and the garbage bags...leaves and cotton from the cotton wood tree..poof...gone.  Old mat...poof...gone.   I got out a shovel and tilled the ground, spread new soil and began planting. 

I found a rainbow at the end of my water hose!

Day 2 and my plants are not dead yet.  That's a record!

Ended Sunday with a nice chilled white wine spritzer, the mister grilling on the pit and my two nuggets making mama laugh!

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