Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bribing VS Asking

So, I've broken down to pay my kids to clean.

Yup.  I'm so disappointed in myself.  My kids (who are teen girls by the way) each have a chore chart smacked to the fridge.  Which they follow....sorta.  I still have to remind them "Who's turn is it to change the cat's poop box?!"...and so on.  As they get older, the chore chart becomes less fun, and more of a hassle.

Here's another thing.  NO one cleans like I clean.  Not even the mister.  I want it done MY way or I end up re-doing what they just did.  I know, I'm a bit OCD and possible somewhat of a control freak.

Last night, for instance, the mister was making burgers on the pit, I was in charge of toasting the buns.  I have my way of doing it.  Butter side down in a medium skillet until they're nice and golden brown...just barely.  The mister comes along with his icky spatula and smashes the second set of buns I had on the stove top.  "Get your grody spatula off my buns!"  And guess what? The second set of buns came out flat and burnt.  Thanks, honey.  It's MY way....the correct way.  LMAO

But, back to the blog at hand.

I'm paying my daughters $20.oo each to do a specific list of chores today.  Organizing their bathroom cabinets, sweeping and mopping and dusting, know.  Stuff that will break my back, but they're young and spry.  I wrangled with the amount to pay them.  My cousin paid her daughters $40.oo each to clean the house.  I could not justify paying my kids a total of $80.oo to clean my house.  For some reason, that was crossing the financial constraints of my pocket book.

So...we'll see how they do today.

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