Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bug Free Lights

As a kid spending summers in Bolivar, I always noticed all the bay houses had yellow porch lights.  I never realized it was for the reason of keeping bugs away.  I just remembered liking the glow they all put off while chasing fire flies in the grass.

Now, I'm all grown up and I hate the damn June Bugs that haunt our back yard.  Nightly, we love to sit out back on the patio and just chill.  We have a family (we like to call them that) of froggies that live under our porch.  We watch them come out, jump around the flower bed and hunt for food.  My daughter likes to pet them, they seem to like it too! They flatten out, lean to one side and then the other and then just hop off.

What sucks is the tons of June Bugs (the most ignorant flying challenged bug) that hit our heads, bump into our legs, bounce off the house and cling to the window screens.  It's annoying.

While I was at the Dollar General one day, I saw something - Bug Free Lights.  Yellow Light Bulbs. Two to a box and roughly 3-4 dollars depending on where you live.

It wasn't until then that it dawned on me, that's why the bayhouses had yellow light.  Duh.  So I got two bulbs. I WISHed that I took photos before and after...but as life happens and gets busy, I can't do it all. (Although I like to pretend I can.)

Literally, before the yellow bulbs, we would have at least 50 or more June Bugs flying around us, knocking into the house, flying INTO the house when we opened the door and hanging on the window screens.  On the FIRST day of the yellow bulb - 2.  Two June Bugs all night!  I could NOT believe it! None of us could!

When the bulbs burnt out - we use our porch lights every night - I happened to be at CVS.  They had a GE 11 Watt bug light.  For 11 dollars.  I'm a sucker. If it's at CVS and costs more it's got to be better than Dollar General.....right?


I smacked down 11 bucks and change for that damn light.

This GE Light was awful! June Bugs came from all around to see the new light! They loved it!  Dammit.

So, I went back to Dollar General and paid roughly 3 bucks for two GE 60 Watt Bug Lights.

The hubby screwed them in last night.  ONE.  One June Bug.  I'm hooked.  

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dynamanda said...

I have always wondered why June bugs have not yet evolved into A: an unwinged beetle, or B: a more aerodynamic flying beetle. They are like little flying retards.