Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Camping Foods - Veggie Packs

VEGGIE PACKS!  These are perfect for me when we go camping.

I make these at home, but they're awesome to make while camping because of how easy it is it make and clean up!  While answering a "What are you going to make this weekend?" question thrown out by Veggie Belly, I decided to blog about it, since apparently I never have (or have I?)

Take whatever veggies you want to steam, cut them and put them in a big sheet of foil.  EVOO, salt and pepper and seasonings and toss on the pit to steam them.  Bam! Done!  I make enough to share because they're so good.

Laying out my prep station....hahaha

Sliced onion, mushrooms, squash, green onion and broccoli...

Some had zucchini and potatoes...

Put some in foil, EVOO and seasonings...

Wrap it up tight....

And toss on the grill!

There it is!

That's my handsome mister!

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