Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cigar Cake

On Father's Day, I planned to make a cigar cake for the mister....since he's such a HUGE cigar smoker.  I was really actually excited about it.  I googled it and looked at images and said, "Hell, I can do this."

Many were crappy, some looked like piece of literal shit and some were very good.  When you have a wide variety to choose from - you feel better about yourself.  You know, like when you see a chick wearing something that's hideous, we all say, "Whoever told you that looked cute on you....LIED."

With Father's Day being full of stupid Dishwashergate nonsense I said Fuck the cake.  I cooked everything else and gave him his gift and pampered him to the best of my abilities (even though his own daughters couldn't find time in their busy lives to spend the day with him).  But I just couldn't get the gusto to make that damn cake.

Earlier on Father's Day, I went to Michael's and purchased a jelly roll pan, modeling chocolate and a sheet of gold/yellow sugar sheet (for the cigar band) and had all the cake crap - I could not do it.

So, today is Thursday.  The shit is still in the pantry.  I told the mister on Monday, "I swear I'll make your cigar cake soon!" He says, "Well you know I don't have that much of a sweet tooth."

I said, "Uh...duh...but you like cigars! Don't you want to see a cigar cake made by your wife?"  Men.

So, my plan is to make a cake in a jelly roll pan, then ice the top and roll it up like a cigar.  Then do a crumb icing and star rolling out pieces of modeling chocolate and wrap it as if they were tobacco leaves.  Then use the sugar paper like a cigar band.  We'll see.  This is not the first time I've been delusional.

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