Monday, June 6, 2011

"Mom, We Just Had A Wreck!"

That's the phone call I hope to never get again.

This past weekend, my oldest daughter (17) took her first all teenage trip to the beach. It was for her friends birthday day of celebration.

I know I can't put my kids in a bubble, no matter how badly I wish for it. You have to give them some freedom, otherwise how are they going to learn anything about growing up and life?  Ever since she came into being, my daughter has been somewhat independent. Always.  I freak out everytime she gets in a car that I'm not driving. But, as a mother, I have to learn to let go.  A little.  A little more at a time.  It's not easy.

Friday night a few friends came over and some spent the night. I got pizza and enjoyed just being in a room full of teenagers. They keep me young! I woke up early the next morning to get kolaches for them. You know, doing the mom thing - making sure they leave on an empty stomach. Then my nerves were on end. Pacing, worrying about her leaving without me. On her own, over 60 miles away from home for the day. My little person, no longer a little girl.

I snapped some photos before they left...because I'm that annoying mom.

I tried to play it long as I could. But grabbed my daughter and hugged her tight. Telling her I LOVE YOU and HAVE FUN. I literally choked back the tears. What a nerd, huh? When I was 17 and went to the beach with my friends, I just wanted the hell away from mother and just be with my friends! And now we come full circle. Although I like to think my daughter doesn't want the hell away from me, like I did my mother.

"Keep me posted via text!" I shouted. And she did. The last text I got before the phone call was that they were getting some gas and would be heading home to shower and change for the birthday party that night.

Then the phone rang. It was my daughter's ringtone.

I answered and I heard her panicked voice, "Mom, we just had a wreck!"

My. Heart. Stopped.

After making sure she was OK and so were her friends I asked the questions "Did you hit your head?!" "Did you brace the impact with your arms?!" "Did any air bags deploy?!"

NO, no and no.  What happened was, one friend rear ended another friend.  The one that did the rear ending was the car my daughter was in and that car got the most damage.

So, everyone was OK.  I ran to my car to drive like a mad woman to them all.  But get outside and I have a flat.  My husband was working.  And then enters the marathon texting with another parent of one of the other girls. Finally, we have a parent on the way to get them.

My poor baby, a wreck, then the police for an accident report, morons honking at them because of the wreck. Ugh.

When she got home, I hugged her sunburnt little body and again...held back my tears.  I cried later in the bathroom.

I can't explain the pain, panic, heart-beating-out-of-my-chest feeling to get that call. I hope that I never have to get another one like that for either of my children.

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