Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day Trippin' to Galveston

We woke up and wanted to take a day trip to Galveston on Saturday.  Just us girls.  I feel they're growing up so fast and any opportunity I get to have them to myself I grab it!

We got dressed and headed out the door, to rain.  Boo!  But, like I told them, 60 miles to the South it can't be raining!  So off we went!

Our first stop was the cemetery, Galveston's Old City Cematery.  I know, I know.  But I'm morbid like that. I love old cemeteries. Reading the headstones and plots and admiring the creepy statues and mausoleums.  The oldest kid stayed behind, while myself and my little nugget crept around snapping photos.

The history in that cemetery, on Broadway in Galveston, is astounding.  There are war heros, mothers, sons, babies, fathers....  I could have stayed there all day, but the faint call of the kid "I'm hot and it's creepy! Can we go!" cut the visit short.

Off to lunch!  We ate at Fish Tales, as we usually do.  It's always crowded but we don't mind.  As our appetizer came (Fried Calamari) I snapped my kids emolating me....taking photos of food.

Girls after my own heart! :)  As we sat in Fish Tales, I grew sad for a second.  The Flagship Hotel has been around since 1965, built as a show of confidence after Hurricane Carla.  Since 1965, the hotel has served as a sort of dividing point for the Galveston seawall sidewalk, the longest continuous sidewalk in the world. I spent my prom night there in 1989 and as long as I can remember it's been there.  Right there on the Seawall, until Ike that is.

The Flagship Hotel in 1980.

Ike destroyed the hotel and there it sat.

Crews demolish the storm-damaged driveway to the Flagship Hotel in Galveston in June 2010. Landry’s Restaurants is abandoning plans to rebuild the iconic hotel. If the city approves Landry’s plans, an amusement park will be built on the pier. Yay.  Can you taste my enthusiasm?  Maybe it's good for Galveston and revenue and tourism, but it just makes me sad.  I'm the girl that saves the broken earring because it was one that my grandmother wore a few times.  It's memories. I'm a sap.

So after we stared out of the window of Fish Tales to a blank pier where the Flagship used to sit, we ate.  One had catfish hogie, another had fried catfish and I had a cup of gumbo.  All were excellent.

With full bellies we headed out to the Strand.  Another of my favorite places, the Peanut Butter Warehouse, which used to house and sell antiques is no more.  BOO!  It's being rebuilt into condos. It was built in 1895 and was used at one time to store candy and peanut butter. It was 25,000 square feet of shopping paradise that had an assortment of furniture, Depression glass, unusual gifts, Circle E candles, homemade confections, furnishings and antiques. The Warehouse, as the name implied, also sold fresh ground peanut butter.  So, I wipe my pitiful face and move on.

We parked the car and jumped out and made a mad dash to one of the many gift shops - because my littlest nugget saw Hello Kitty in the window.  So we made our way in, got some Hello Kitty items and fooled around.

Then our next stop was our favorite candy/ice cream shop - La Kings Confectionery!

In 1927, Jimmy King began making candy in Houston while learning the trade from 'Old World' candy makers. In 1976, Jimmy's oldest son, Jack, moved his family to the historic Strand, in Galveston, to recreate an old fashioned confectionery. He used the 19th century formulas and methods, handed down to him, using traditional equipment and procedures to make confections.  La King's features a working 1920's soda fountain serving malts, shakes, ice cream sodas, sundaes, splits, floats and your favorite fountain treats.

I love watching the 'soda jerks' in uniform whip up rootbeer floats and old fashioned sodas!  Which is what we had.  My little one and I shared a rootbeer float and the oldest got a good old fashioned Coke.

And by her face you can tell she loved her Coke.  Her exact words were, "THE best Coke in the world!"

And we shared some chocolate dipped honeycomb...

We did some In-And-Out shopping...being goofy and laughing entirely too loud.  But, that's who we are. :)

Then back to the car - but not before I noticed it was my favorite alley way!  I love to photograph in this alley.  Here's some over the years..

Then we drove around the Historical District and gazed at the beautiful and quirky homes.  I was really wishing I could just walk door to door and read all the historical markers.  The idea that someone would open their front door as I'm standing there gawking on their front porch curbed my appetite to do so. Hahaha.

We drove around for quite a while...then we got thirsty. Grabbed a smoothie and drove off to East Beach.  Now, I am not a beach person.  I hate sand and grit and the water with all it's animals you can't see.  Mind you, as a kid I was a mermaid. I lived at the beach and in the water.  We spent every Summer in Bolivar.  However, when an undertoe pulled me down and I was rescued by my brother, I never again set foot in the ocean.  Fear.  It's an asshole.

But I did make it as far as the sand.  And snapped some pics.

Although I've practically grown up out here, I don't get out here as much as I want. Life gets in the way.  I've promised to put a stop to life getting in the way.

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