Monday, July 25, 2011

Easy Peasy Ashtray

Soda Can Ashtray

White Trash Monday is here...and here's an easy craft to make yourself and wow your guests as they put out their butts.

Actually, you can make this out of any can...soda, beer, juice. I made some out of my husband's beer cans to keep outside when we have people over. Most of our friends smoke and having one big ashtray in the middle of the table that everyone is trying to get to tends to be annoying.

So here's the project :

You will need :

A pair of scissors

A can

A hammer

1 - Cut the top off the can. Roughly an inch from the top. No need to worry if it's not perfectly even. Take caution, these cans can cut you if you aren't being careful!


2. Cut about 1 inch strips down the can. This needs to be a little more precise because you want it to look even.


3. Flatten out the strips you just cut.


4. Now comes the crafty part. Fold your first strip over at an angle.


5. Then tuck it under it's neighbor.


6. Continue to do this all around the can.


7. Turn it upside down and flatten the strips.


8. Now take the hammer and pound a curve in the middle for putting out your butts.


And There You Have It!!


** If you have any 'tails' from the strips hanging out.....just cut them off!

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dynamanda said...

I'm totally going to make some of these! :)