Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

I hope you all had a safe and happy Fourth!  Me? I painted.

Not on canvas, being all creative and stuff.  I should have.

I painted my girls' bathroom.  Just another Rent House Love attempt.

This house is all brown.  Every single room. Painted the same exact color of brown. Not only the walls, but the baseboards and trim..BROWN!

I thought I'd start small and do the girls' bathroom.  Since they decided on a Beatles 'Yellow Submarine' shower curtain, I decided to re-do the whole bathroom.

You can find the whole process at Rent House Love blog. But here's a before and after.  Mind you, the 'BEFORE' is actually the first 'AFTER'.  It makes sense....when we moved in the house, as I said all rooms were brown.  The bathroom had standard brown wood cabinets...that were chipped and old, horrid wallpaper on one wall...that was peeling, disgusting floor...that was gouged and dirty and torn up towel rack. All of which was eventually us.

This 'BEFORE' is after I laid floor, painted the wallpaper wall and painted the wood cabinets white.  The shower curtain was my animal print...which my girls are so over.

The 'AFTER' is the bathroom thus far.  I plan to get for funk-a-delic 70's vintage doo-dads. (Yes, I know Yellow Submarine came out in 1968...but I choose to take it 70' with it.)

In other news, besides eating brisket and tater salad, we did nothing resembling 4th of July celebrating.  Due to the burn ban, there were no fireworks.  And I loved it.  The FIRST 4th of July in history where my dog wasn't cowering in the bathroom and I wasn't cursing my dumbass neighbors.  Not one firecracker did we hear.  It was heaven.

I spent the day painting (three coats of paint), the mister spent the day eating sunflower seeds, sitting in his chair on the internet or watching a movie.

As I said before, the entire post on the bathroom can be found here : Rent House Love.

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