Monday, July 18, 2011

Hot Busy Weekend

The heat here in Texas is a killer!  I am not motivated to do ANYTHING that involves me opening the door and stepping outside.  For weeks I've been saying I need to get in the back yard and rake and bag the leaves, pull weeds and lay some more mulch....I just can't seem to actually do it.

Besides the heat, our AC keeps going out...well the unit outside does.  Then I have to go out there and flip the breaker to get it going and cooling off the house again.  Remember, it's a rent the fix-ups aren't always up to us. This goes on several times a night, when I wake up in a puddle of my own MommieDawn sweat with my clothes sticking to me.  Then it's a cool-down period where there's no way I can sleep. Then sleep, again, only to be awoken by the heat or that damn alarm.  Needless to say all of that combined with sleeping on the sofa (due to the Yeti husband) I'm a bit pathetic in the perky department.

Sunday my oldest started her last choir camp. This is her third year, and starting her senior year of high school, this will be her last year at summer choir camp.  Where does the time go?  She has a blast with about 800 kids from all different schools all together for a week at a college campus studying hard and learning more about singing, reading notes, sight reading and performing.  Of course there's the late night giggle and gossip sessions in her dorm room!

After we got home, I texted her just to check in.  She mentioned how bittersweet it is this year, how much fun she has but so sad this is her last choir camp.  Growing up sucks, doesn't it?

Saturday we did some last minute camp shopping, snacks, water, shorts, toiletries and so on.  She packed and chilled out for the evening.  Sunday we left around 2pm for the almost 2 hour drive to camp.  Let's break this down, MommieDawn style.

I love my husband, I feel I need to mention that because of the amount of bitching I do. I do love him and know that he's my everything and soul mate. With that said, he has patience to learn.  He knows this, and he works on it...but nothing gets under my skin like lack of patience.

I like to say I'm a laid back mom. My priorities are generally what my kids' needs and wants are.  That's how I roll.  I'm a grown assed person, I can handle my shit whenever.  My kids, who didn't ask to be here but I put them on this planet, are more important than myself.  So, that's how my life goes.

When we got the mini-van packed, my daughter was riding with her girlfriend and was to follow us.  I learned that when I was putting my seatbelt on and saw her get in the was all iffy who was going to ride with whom literally until Sunday.  Ok. No biggie.  She's almost 18 and I'm not going to treat her like she's 3 years old and must ride with mommie.  So, I roll with it.  In my head I say, "Ok, so they'll follow us. No biggie. Let's get going!"  But the mister got bent out of shape because he wanted to take the Toll Road.  "Well, I guess you won't now. No bid deal. Let's go!" I said.  He wanted to save gas by doing the Toll Road.  I didn't want to make the teenagers stop, get more money (as it's her gas money that's being used too) and take the Toll Road.  Just roll with it, dadgummet!

"I don't know why they have to drive separate! I was wanting to save money on gas by taking the Toll Road!"  he said filling the swagger wagon with the stress that permeates his pores. At that point I told him to just go home and spend the day alone, stress free with out us in his hair.  He declined.  The rest of the trip was wrought with fidgeting with the GPS, telling me to be quiet because he couldn't hear the GPS (even though it has pretty arrows telling you where to go) and complaining about the heat.  We were all hot, but nothing makes a kid feel even hotter than when an adult is there exhaling and complaining. At one point the GPS fell off the windshield onto my leg.  I bent over and put it back up.  But if it happened to my husband, it would have been a whole production.  Men and their dramatics.

He reminds me so much of my father - it's scary.  A girl really does marry someone like their father.

When we got to the University to check in, we were a bit early.  But that's ok because we were one of the first to check in....which usually is a LONG line in the heat and hustle and bustle of bags, suitcases and teens.  We got her to her dorm room, waited for her best friend to check in and made ourselves scarce.

I have a problem with lingering.  She's my baby. My first born. My mini-me.   And no matter how many times we do this, I just have a hard time leaving. At least I didn't cry this time. I made sure she was settled and had all her things and then demanded a hug and kiss....and we left.

I love the scenic drive home though.  Old abandoned factories, teenie towns with populations of 500 to 1000...cows and horses and pretty countryside.  We saw a City Hall that literally looked like a temporary building!
Crossing Lake Houston

One of the many abandoned factories

Twin Dorm Bedrooms with sitting room and kitchenette. 

This is about how invasive I got. LOL

Then we stop for sushi, just the three of us.  We went to Wazabi Sushi close to home and it never disappoints.  Ever.  The sushi is fresh and the sauces are divine and the presentation is spectacular.

We ate our weight in sushi I think...(pardon the photos as my Rebel is still not working correctly!)

My husband also ordered clams.  They were good, but a little 'fishy' for my taste.

Now here's where I do some (more) bitching.  Anything new to my Aspie child is a recipe for anxiety.  She's never been to this particular sushi restaurant. So, she was a bit put off by being in a new place. Her general position usually is face down on the table or leaning into me. I suppose to a passerby she just looks exhausted.

The fact that nothing seemed to 'match' weirded her out her the tables and chairs and decor didn't 'match'. LOL  And the ANNOYING couple next to us was about to make me shove both their cell phones up their asses.  Both of them either talking, texting or both at the same time for most of our meal.  These were the type of people who when they talk on their cell phones, they literally scream as if they're talking into bricks from the 80's. Then the husband bickered at the wife, calling her stupid at one point. And FINALLY they left.  I know it bugged me, noises usually do (as I'm an Aspie as well) but I know they bothered my child.  A baby was squawking which bothered her as well.  Babies don't usually bother me, because as a mother of two colicy babies, I couldn't always control the screams.  And I was given my fair share of "Shut The Effing Baby Up!" looks.

Needless to say, by the time we got home we were all exhausted.  Pooped. Ready to change clothes and just relax.  But it wouldn't be that easy.

As I mentioned earlier, our AC boggles the breakers...and I flip them regularly.  And we have a dog that has horrible separation anxiety.  Those two combined made a horrible recipe that day.  It seems that I may not have shut the kitchen door into the garage all the way and Buddy (the dog) must have pushed it open, into the hot garage.

Thank goodness it's into the garage and we lost no pets. Bad news, the garage is about a million degrees, which now was receiving any cold air from the house.  And subsequently, the AC unit had flipped the breakers again.  It was 92 Degrees in the house.  92 DEGREES.  My poor doggie and kitty were no doubt hot as hell and it didn't make any of us feel glad to be home to this steam box.  We put the dog outside and cooled off the cat as well as we could.  And I brewed some tea for ICED COLD SWEET TEA in the meantime.

It took a while, but we finally got the house cooled off...not without the AC unit needing to be flipped again.  Hence the very tired me on this Monday morning.

Be advised that yes we realize it's not normal for an AC unit to do this. We're in a rent house with a landlawd with the speed of a snail fighting a windstorm.

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