Wednesday, July 27, 2011

'It Was Nothing You Did"

Just a little sounding off.  This is my blog and I reserve the right to sound off accordingly.  Today I shall be sounding off about the mister and his passive aggressive ways. He doesn't think he does...but he does.

About a week ago, I borrowed the swagger wagon - AKA the MiniVan - to fetch my oldest from camp with my youngest in tow.  I'll try not to stress the fact that I still don't understand why he drives a minivan and I drive a Honda while I'm the one with kids in tow - all the time.  But I digress. On the way back home, we ran into a terrible rainstorm.

All the cars on the highway slowed down to roughly 15 MPH as sheets of rain made it impossible to see two feet in front.  My youngest (who hates storms) was rapidly growing upset while I drove and tried to calm her. Slowly we crept until we were out of the storm, roughly 5 minutes.  Then we stopped for sushi and came home.

The next day when we swapped cars back, the mister calls and asks if I had driven through a flood.  I reminded him we ran into a horrible rain storm, but no, I didn't drive through a flood.  It's been about a week and I've gotten several calls from him...always with a 'I'm sure it's nothing you did' tagline.

I know I didn't 'do' anything.  I drove the damn minivan through some damn rain.  But because I gave it back and apparently it's making  a matter how bad he wants to blame me...he won't.  Passive aggressive.  LOL

He called again today, said he spoke with his father.  "It was nothing you did, it's the (fillintheblankwithacarterm)."  To which I replied, "I KNOW it's nothing I did.  I didn't do anything!" lmao

Oh mister.  Just like when the internet cuts out at the house and you inhale and exhale while looking at the child on the laptop cursing her in your mind....(ATT SUCKS)...stop it!  Shit happens.  It's sometimes NO ONE'S fault.  Just shit.

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