Wednesday, July 6, 2011


In the past weeks....and weeks...we've been under drought conditions here in the south.  Over 100 days without rain.  We have been under burn bans and water restrictions and victim to several wild fires that have destroyed acres and acres of homes, wildlife and forest.

President Obama just declared parts of Texas disaster areas due to all the wild fires we've had.  Luckily we have not personally had to evacuate, although it came close a couple of weeks ago.  I sat in my back yard and watched the helicopters and crop planes dump water on the fires about 10 minutes north of us.

We had rain last week. A hard, heavy and fast rain.  It started out of the blue with crazy wind, then the rain came. The mister and I were on our way out for sushi date night.  We had to quickly re-route our trip as we came to several flooded in dead-ins. Then as fast as it came, it went.

Yesterday, I saw clouds again.

Then here came the rain...and there went the power.

And there went our cowering dog, under my feet for the whole evening.

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