Friday, August 26, 2011

Egg In A Nest

Last night as I was preparing dinner, I threw out the idea of breakfast (since we don't officially start the Breakfast Planner until Monday).  Egg in a Nest and turkey bacon?  I got the raised eyebrows and the head nods.

Ok. Cool.

This is something I had never heard of before maybe 18 years ago.  My ex mother in law taught me.  It's sometimes called Eggs in a Basket too.   So here ya go.

Get a piece of bread, and either with cookie cutter or a small rimmed glass, but a hole in that bread.

Put some butter in the skillet and put in your bread and little circle and crack an egg in the middle of your hole.  If you don't want a yolk, you can add it scrambled too.

After a few minutes on one side, flip it and cook the other side.  And voila!

I also made some nommie turkey bacon.

I'd like to make a note that not one of these photos are mine.  As awesome as I pretend to be, there was no way I was getting this done with my own pics.

I had managed to wake up, potty, wake up my 14 year old, say good morning to the other two teens and scoot to the kitchen to my jammies.   In the middle of cooking, my daughter from anotha mutha asked for a french braid. So I made four breakfasts, passed them out, snarfed mine, french braided a head, threw on some clothes, had coffee and a smoke (that's my five moments of destressing in the AM). The minimal in make up was applied to my face and threw on a pair of random glasses of mine. Then packed them all in the car, dropped off two at the high school and trekked to the office with my 14 year old in tow to come face to face with the thorn in my side for the past two months - Quickbooks 2011.

Now, I do all that and could do it every morning, and probably the odds are I will do that on most every morning.  I just do it. A lot of us mom's just do it.  We don't complain, we just do it.  I think it's woven in the tapestry that is our DNA of motherhood.  Who needs a ride to school? Who needs to be picked up? Who needs to be dropped off? It's just life....the life of a mom.  What I have on my agenda really doesn't matter, because I'll squeeze it in somewhere.  Done.

Toss a question to a man, say like 'Can you, once a week, wake up a half hour earlier and drop off the teen to school?" See how it ends up.

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