Thursday, August 25, 2011

Grilled Tortilla Pizzas

I picked a swell day to fire up the grill yesterday.  After three attempts to get the coals going, it finally started.  But so did the dark clouds overhead.

Here in south Texas, we've hit multiple weeks of digits in the 100's and heat indexes higher than that.  We have had no rain forever - my yard, plants and trees are withered and dried up like crazy.  Then comes the gusty crazy wind!  I had my camera with me outside and took a quick video of just a hint of the wind. I was waiting for my trees to snap like twigs on top of me!

Excuse the shotty camera work, I was being pelted in the face with dirt
and twigs and leaves.

Now on to the pizzas.

You simply take flour tortillas (despite a plea from my 17 year old, I did not make my own this time) and top them with sauce, veggies, cooked meat and cheeses.  Your choice.  Mine was Alfredo sauce, fresh spinach, cooked chicken, mozzarella cheese and a three cheese blend.  You want your meats cooked because these only stay on the pit long enough to crisp up the tortillas and melt the cheese.

Although the chicken was cooked, the small time on the grill infuses them with the smoky flavor.  I was able to cook four pizzas at a time, which enabled me to stuff some teenage faces while cooking four more. Mama got to eat when all the pizzas were done. :)

*New Camera In The Works - So More Sucky Pics Below*
*With My Sucky Camera*
I boiled chicken tenders. It worked out that one chicken
tender was perfect for one pizza.  You can grill, saute and season
any way you want, just cook it. 

On goes Alfredo...

On goes rough cut fresh spinach...

On goes chicken...

On goes cheese...

Put on the pit for about 10 minutes (more or less depending on 
the heat in your pit)


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