Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Home Schooling 2011-2012

We made it through one year!  My daughter is now entering her second year of home schooling, and is in the 9th Grade! The MoommieDawn School Year will begin after Labor Day. We have all our school supplies, notebooks, folders and a back pack we just chose yesterday.

This year I felt I would take a different approach.  Last year, I made up her schedule month by month with two subjects being studied per day and Friday's being her Novel Reading Day.  Friday's will remain the same, but I am having her do only one subject of study a day.  I feel this will give her ample time per subject and allow more to sink in.

For Science, I'm using the wealth available online. Here's one place. And here's another place.  I've made each lesson last for two weeks.  Tuesday will be her Science day, so one Tuesday she'll do half the work, and finish up the next Tuesday. There's writing, online searching, mapping, experiments and so on that I've intertwined with answer and question pages.

I'm having her do US History this year.  I'm taking full advantage of PBS and The History Channel websites for shows on any given subject we happen to be on. I will also have her go online to add to whatever she's studying in her book.

Pre-Algebra - gag.  That's what I have to say.  This will be strictly book learnin' yall.  I will not nor would I want to add anything to it.  Math's challenging enough for the both of us.

And lastly English - this will include Spelling and Writing.  I'm going to the Teacher Supply store in our neighborhood to find workbooks today.  I have yet to find anything out on the interwebs I'm happy with.  So, this one's still a 'Let's See' issue.

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