Thursday, August 25, 2011

School Year Breakfasts

I made pancakes this morning for breakfast, trying to get back into the swing of the school year again.  During the school year, I make breakfast every morning for my a mom it's something that I do because I want to make sure they all start their day with full tummies of MommieDawn Love.

In years' past I made spur of the moment breakfasts - eggs and toast, breakfast tacos or egg in a nest etc.  There was a day here or there that I'd prepare a breakfast casserole the night before...but I'm not that awesome all the time.  ;)

This year I decided to make a weekly planner to put on the fridge of breakfasts in advance that we all choose.  At the top it says "Pancakes/Oatmeal/Eggs & ??/French Toast/Breakfast Tacos". Five meals that can be varied and not boring - like oatmeal can mean a bowl of oatmeal, or oat muffins...or even oatmeal cookies I'd make the night before.

You can go to for free printable calendars
and so much more!  I've used and abused this website!

So, as I said earlier, this morning I made pancakes.  I plan to share other more fun ideas in the near future - like egg in a nest or frittatas and breakfast casseroles.

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