Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Summer Depression

And I'm not talking about a tropical depression with wind and rain.  Hell, I'd welcome that.

Here in Texas we are having a horrible Summer.  Weeks with temperatures in the 100's.  We are under a burn ban. We've had wildfires destroying so much land some started by a simple cigarette butt.  We are on water restrictions.  Most of my plants have died and our air conditioner has broken twice.
This is a photojournalists photo...but it was 
taken 5 minutes of my front yard in June.

My brain is melting.

For those of you who know me well, know that I am not a Summer person. I was born in the dead of Winter! I'm a WINTER BABY for crying out loud. I love the cold, the Holidays, the baking, the smells!

But, I usually just get through the Summer like everyone else.  Not this Summer.  This Summer has taken it's toll on me, hard. So hard in fact, that I'm starting to have dreams about winter.  I had a dream about decorating our yard for Christmas.  Nothing spectacular, but just doing the cold weather.  I've been baking too...yes BAKING in this heat!  I'm crabby and pissy.  The worst thing is being exhausted.  I'm just flat worn out and never feel like doing ANYTHING!

Yesterday, I put in my dvd of New In Town just for the snow...well Harry Connick Jr's not too shabby either...and I vowed I was moving to Minnesota!  Cooler weather cannot come fast enough for me.  If I make it that long.

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