Monday, September 26, 2011

Dollar General Shopping

I'll admit it. I'm addicting to shopping.

BUT - the ONLY way I'll admit to shopping is at Dollar General.

I hate shopping in general....I loathe the mall.  I do most my holiday shopping online. I hate crowds and I abhor stupid women shopping with the taste of blood elbowing their way through crowds.

BUT - and this is about the only BUT in shopping for me - I love Dollar General. Because I'm a cheap bitch and I love a good bargain. When I see something in stores or something that someone shows me, I'm the annoying cow that says, "Meh, I could make that myself." or "I can get the same thing at Dollar General for CHEAP!"

Come on, people.  Don't be idiots.  If you're a dollar store snob, you need a reality check.

Dollar General carries name brands at cheap prices. They also carry their own brand called 'DG'...get it...for Dollar General.  They compete with dollar stores and places like Walmart - but Dollar General always gets my business. Walmart - I won't turn my nose up at them, but Dollar General is sometimes just more convenient.

They carry shampoos like Pantene, TRESemme, Pert, Garnier and Suave. Prices run up to $5.00.  FIVE BUCKS!  Try getting that at other stores.  Make up by Cover Girl and LA Colors. Nail polishes and accessories and even glue on false nails.  I can get a pack of acrylic nails either in plain (to paint) or French Manicure for roughly 99 cents!  CVS sells the same for over $6.00.  Glue is separate at Dollar General, but come on, you're saving a bundle!

Deodorant, toilet paper, paper towels, cards and wrapping paper, toys, shoes, clothes, seasonal, gardening, cleaning supplies, pet food and supplies, rugs, decor, school supplies, groceries....and more.  I can't say it enough...if you haven't tried out a Dollar General - do it.

I also love that when I went yesterday, I was able to pretend for a second that it was holiday season. For that, it made the trip worth it.

Here's a 'for instance'.  I colored my hair this weekend - after the grays coming in scared the snot out of me.   Normally you would go to a Sally's or Target, CVS or Walmart and purchase Clairol Balsam Hair Color for $2.75.  If I had a coupon, it would have been about .25 cents. And in case you're wondering, my hair is shiny and healthy so buying at Dollar General VS any other store is only a factor of saving money.

In conclusion, it's evident that I am a penny pincher. It's also evident that I like looking like I don't live in a trash bag.  Furthermore, I have proven my case with regards to my general awesomeness. Just sayin'.

Don't be douchebag - try out a Dollar General.

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