Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Harold Kelly-Melange Catering-Fox 26 Houston

My gorgeously talented handsome friend, Harold Kelly of Melange Catering, was on FOX 26 this morning with nommies for the tailgating season!

I have to say, the physical will power that Harold and Cleverley Stone have is impeccable. I would have already had myself thrown on the table and grazing before the cameras cut on.  Bravo, you two! For more information about food, wine and dining in Houston, catch Cleverley’s radio show Saturdays at Noon on Talk 650 AM.

With football season, and hopefully cooler weather, on the horizon, Harold brought us some tasty goodies that are easy to prepare and easier to devour.  There were Kegs and Eggs, which is a creamy 'deviled' egg recipe with, you guessed it, BEER!  There were dessert nachos that made my mouth water!

Let's just watch the video, shall we? I can't think over the sound of my own tumbly making a grumbly!

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