Saturday, October 1, 2011

Decoupage Candle Holders for Fall

I saw this online.

So I was Family Dollar.  And got candle holders, tissue paper, glue...all for a buck each. Ahhh...I love dollar stores.

That's all you need..oh but excuse my toes.  Although I am So
loving the color - FingerPaints 'Tiffany Imposter'

I took red and yellow tissue and yellow make orange! There's the Fall colors....for Christmas I will do some green and red, or maybe red and gold. I'm so excited.  I need to get out more.

I put regular white glue in a bowl and a flat paint brush and just started brushing on glue in small sections.

Then apply squares and overlapping them to make orange!

Keep on truckin' till you are all the way around the candle holder.

For the lip at the top, you can just fold it over with the paint brush of glue, it will stick itself.

This part is completely up to you. I took strips and glued them around, then did a very spaced out layer of the squares.

Ta Daa!!

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