Monday, October 3, 2011

What I Refuse To Clean

There's one corner in my home I refuse to clean. It matters not how many times I've organized it, tidied it, cleaned always ends up the same. Always.

It's the mister's corner.  There he has his chair, his side table, his basket (that was purchased to hold all his 'extras') and his bookshelf.

His corner is a mess. Junk mail, books, computer, wires, chargers, dust and crap. I can't take it.  I started a blog regarding his socks, that were left on the floor all the time. I don't seem to have that problem anymore. And I'm glad about that. Really glad.

Now it's not just socks....the whole corner has gone crazy So much so that I've stopped even trying.

And I know it shouldn't matter...I really don't give a hoot about a spotless house. If I die tomorrow, the cleanliness of my home won't matter.  But dude, come on, just clean it.  I haven't dusted in months over there...and he wonders why his allergies are run amuck.

Here's a photo of the den on a good day...his corner is immediately to the left.

And here's the mister's corner.

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lyd said...

I know your fighting the urge (that's the normal thing to do) but....DON'T TOUCH THAT FREAKING CORNER! Buy or make your own folding screen (easy, I did) and put it up when you don't want to look at it. Hey, think of it this way - you can put that screen up even when that corner is occupied - kill two birds with one stone as they say. Go ahead, make your day. You deserve it! :^)