Friday, October 28, 2011

Why Buy New? Dye them!

I love RIT dye. I really do.  Some of life's problems would be not so bad if we could just put RIT to it for a remedy.

When I redecorated my daughters' bathroom, they wanted hippy Beatles fare and I obliged.  Yellow and black seemed the colors that dominated. For whatever reason, whether it was a tumor on my Mom Judgement gland or temporary insanity or sniffing paint fumes, I chose yellow bath mats.

I'm better now.

With all the make up and hair dying that goes on in that bathroom, the bright yellow bath mats got freckled with a rainbow of color. And mama wasn't happy.  Enter - RIT DYE.

Rit Dye has a multitude of uses from carpet, clothing and upholstery to the more popular Tie Dyed garb.  Years ago I dyed some bath mats from orange to black ....once again for the girls' bathroom.  Apparently I don't learn my lessons.

So, here's the yellow rugs. All spotted with multiple
colors of hair dye.

The RIT Dye site will tell you exactly how to
dye your particular fabrics, for mine
it was with salt. 

I added salt to dissolve in one pot of water, while another
was getting ready to boil to ensure I had enough water
to cover the rugs. 

You can use a bathtub, sink, washer or as I did a
bucket to soak and agitate whatever
you're dying. 
*Make sure you follow
instructions as per the website HERE *

Then I threw them in a cold wash cycle for rinsing.

And they came out of the dryer like this!

And they look like this now.  Very cute!

I have totally forgotten to show you all the cute knobs I got at
Michael's a while back.

They were on sale a couple of bucks each.  

The girls think they're just awesome, and I agree.

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