Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It's An Illness

Imagine you were told you were ill.

You functioned as well as any other person, had a job, had a place to live and took care of yourself in a normal fashion regarding feeding and clothing.

You had all your limbs.  You weren't disfigured. You had all five of your senses...not blind, not deaf. Both your legs were the same length. You didn't walk with a limp.

Maybe you're black, but that's not why people looked at you funny.  Maybe you were hispanic but that's not why people questioned your validity.

You weren't depressed. You weren't having delusions. You weren't hearing voices that weren't there. You didn't have multiple personalities.

You didn't abuse drugs or alcohol.  You didn't prostitute yourself on the streets.  You didn't have a visual disease.

But you were still called ill.

What if you were forced to be healed.  What if that healing process involved being electrically shocked when shown certain images.  Not images you saw as harmful, but images someone else saw as harmful.

What if strangers in white coats told you who you loved is an illness.

What if you were killed based on who you loved.

Who are you?  What are you?

You're gay.

If a straight person is not judged based upon who they have sex with, why are gays?

If a straight person is not seen as a sexual deviant strictly based on who they love, why are gays?

If a gay person wants to marry the one they love (who happens to be the same gender they are), why do people argue the point that people can't marry animals, or trees? Where does that logic make sense?

Please watch this video.  If you aren't moved, you are dead inside.

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