Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Teavana Tea - A Religious Experience

My daughters love hot tea. When I was pregnant with both of them, I couldn't get enough of it. I've never drank hot tea before or after any of their births. But pregnant, I couldn't get enough of it.

Tea's come a long way from the dunking of the tea bag filled with brown bits. The colors of the teas are different too!

Teavana is hands down my daughters' favorite tea. Loose teas in every imaginable flavor. There are small buds of flowers and plants in very stylish containers. They have gift sets, tea cups, mugs and pots for every taste and color scheme you can think of.

My oldest daughter, who graduates this Spring from high school, is a milk and sugar in the tea kind of gal. When Christmas came around this past December, all she wanted was anything and everything from Teavana. She got a travel mug that comes with it's own diffuser.  The tea inside the mug stays hot for literally hours.

Tonight she was 'teaching' me how to make her tea. I first offered, but she insisted she teach me to make it how she likes it. So, I grabbed my camera because I really wanted to share it with all of you. I wished the photos smelled as calming and wonderful as the real thing!

This tin is Teavana's White Ambrosia

This tin is a mix of about 3 teas.

 See? Aren't the tins beautiful?!

 This is just a few nuggets out of the White Ambrosia

 These are the two tins, and in front is the diffuser that comes
with the travel mug.

 ..and this is the travel mug.

 My daughter pouring hot water into the travel mug.

 Then set in the diffuser of tea and let sit for just
a few moments.

She puts a fair amount of milk in and a few teaspoons of sugar. 

Now she's sitting, sipping tea and reading a great book on her Nook. 

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Sheriap said...

Love the mug for the tea! I checked out the website for the tea. Love it.