Friday, February 10, 2012

Facebook Parenting: For the troubled teen.

I gotta hand it to this dad.  In today's time of technology, he chose an awesome outlet to let his teen know how it is!

I'll just get personal here for a minute, because...well, it's my blog and I can.  I have two teenage daughters.  Both have Facebook accounts.  I have access to both of those accounts. I'm also their 'friend' on Facebook.  In the four years since my oldest had her account, there has been ONE incident that I deemed inappropriate and dealt with it with her and the image was removed. And honestly, it wasn't really that bad. But I'm biased, I'm her mother.  My kids do not post barely dressed photos online. Hell they have enough self respect not to dress like a piece of meat period.  My kids do not cuss like sailors on shore leave online. In real life...well, I'm their mom and I think it's woven in our DNA. They don't brag about idiotic attention seeking morons. They don't post a photo of themselves dressed like, oh let's say, Rosie the Riveter (who would kick this girl's ass for the comparison) down to the polka dotted scarf like such an obviously insecure girl posing as an iconic strong woman and not being aware of the irony... It's funny because it's sad. They don't block me from any posts.

I cannot imagine if my daughters spoke about us this way.  I would first be a piddly stain on the floor crying my eyes out, then be out for blood. I kid, I kid. I've never hit my children, never had to. I'm not perfect, so don't try and go there. I am but a mere human, with superhuman powers. And my kids aren't perfect either. We all know this.

My girls have chores, but it's to the point where things like wiping the counter, dishwasher duty and laundry are knee jerk reactions.  They do it without asking, for the most part.  However, what this dad did is to be commended.  She's the child, he's the parent and was put in her damn place, rightfully so.

He's inspired myself and my husband. Stay tuned for that! :)

So now, I give you the Dad of the Year! Seriously, give this guy a medal. See the post on Facebook HERE.


Anonymous said...

I call bullshit on the fact that your kids don't dress inappropriately because they have more self-respect than that. It has nothing to do with self-respect. Kids pick their labels. Let's not pretend that they are true individuals who came up with their own style standards. If they have more of a punk style they are going to dress in accordance with other 'punk' dress. Even when kids think they aren't 'conforming' to a certain style; they really are. The other issue; if a girl is slightly heavier than her peers there is no way in hell she is going to wear clothes that reveal her figure for fear of her peers noticing and publicly pointing it out. And the cussing thing, I see no problem with kids cussing offline or online for that matter. If my daughter cusses offline, in front of me, I don't want her to feel like she has to pretend to be something she isn't for the sake of online appearances. At least take a psychology class before you start giving this guy an award or yourself for that matter.

MommieDawn said...

Hey Anonymous,
Firstly, you may call bullshit on things you know.But unless you know me or my children(hiding behind anon)you can keep your garbage mouth shut.
In my home,it's self respect. Although they are individuals, with their own taste and style with regards to hair,clothes,make up,music and 'style',dressing with self respect,meaning they don't have to dress half naked to gain attention. Fat or not.Get a clue.
The idea of 'pretending' to be something they're not by not cussing, seems to be an issue you have.Not I or my children. You see no problem with it, good.But this here,this is my blog,so my opinion is the one I generally air. Next time try not hiding who you are when you call bullshit on my family.

And if you must know,I have taken many classes,on many subjects. But psychology has nothing to do with me giving this dad props with the way he handled his kid.A kid who posts a letter addressed to her parents online but blocking them therefore making her friends she's a badass by having the nerve to talk to her parents like that - it's passive aggressive behavior. Classic.But she forgot to block the family pet,which is how the dad saw the letter.

Anonymous said...

I'm not hiding behind my ANON. I have my reasons. If you don't like people commenting anonymously then don't allow it on your blog. It's your blog, your opinion and your choice whether or not you went to censor comments.

I mean that you don't mind your children cussing but they don't do it online. It's seems that you are more concerned with on-line appearances. Not me.

Psychology has everything to do with understanding that he did not handle this situation the way a parent should have. I know a lot of people have jumped on his bandwagon because they get gratification from living vicariously through him. I don't subscribe to something just because the masses do. What's really sad, is that this dad didn't know how to just go and talk to his daughter about their issue.

MommieDawn said...

Oh dear. When one is given the choice between 5 or more identities to sign into to comment or Anon, the whiners will always choose Anon. Case and point. You, my dear. Nice try, though.

I don't censor comments, dear, just finding it hilarious who chooses to talk shit and hide at the same time speaks volumes. :)

I don't mind my kids cussing? Hm. Yeah, way to read into something. See, this post was regarding a child posting inappropriate words and behavior ONLINE. The 'in real life' line, was in no way saying they curse in 'real life' but not online. But rather they have the potential given that I curse. I'm sorry, but for readers such as yourself, my blog may not be the best place to read and comment with some attempt at shit talking and 'calling bullshit'.

And no, psychology has nothing to do with me giving this dad props. This is not Psychology Today, nor am I diagnosing anyone. But if you were one to educate themselves as to the background of a story instead of assume, you would have learned that this dad has in the past made several attempts to handle his child face to face, grounding, taking away 'toys' and this was the next most adequate step in his philosophy of parenting.

Yay for you, being all away from the masses of sheeple. A think-for-yourselfer. Bravo! What's really sad is much like the masses, you take to judging things on the surface without knowing the background of anything. Not surprising. But your comments regarding this man and his relationship with his daughter would be best served directly to him. Again, learning on your own, he's listed his Facebook/contact info.

Again, thanks for stopping by. Thanks for reading, and next time try not hiding when calling bullshit on me or my family. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm sure people find it funny that you talk shit under the guise of a blog. Nice cover, dear. I know the whole story behind the dad's reaction and I don't agree with it. Good for you for being a follower. Bravo!

MommieDawn said...

Yes, the guise of a blog. Very good. That's exactly what I'm doing. Awesome cover. I'm in complete anonymity.

See, if I took the anonymous choice away, you wouldn't be able to comment like a schmuck in the shadows and I'd miss out on all the fun. Boo.

Are you this much of a moron in real life, or are you just doing it for my benefit? Either way, the moronicity is maddeningly hilarious. Thank you for following along, literally. I hope this has gotten you through your day, you obviously needed the attention of me and apparently the only way you could go about it was by hiding.

Sad little anonymous shit talker. So sad. I may just take away the Anon button, just so you can feel brave to be you.