Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Yesterday I Tweeted that I don't want to hear anyone moaning and groaning and bitching and whining about how they don't have anyone today.  Single people hinge their whole romantic life on this one day.  If they are alone for Valentine's Day, they spend it saying what a stupid holiday it is.  Married people go either one way or the other going way overboard with the love or hate of this day.

Me? I'm usually spending my Valentine's Day laughing at the bitter posts from single people.  Generally they're very young and I laugh because they have no idea how to prioritize their grievances.  It's Tuesday. Tomorrow is Wednesday and it won't matter if you got roses today.

Now, I say all that to say this - my husband isn't a 'romantic' so to speak.  He's a man who likes his cigars and music and scotch.  He's the man who says, "I just had a great idea!" at least 8 times a week and drives me knowingly insane with that.  He works second shift, so generally we are on opposite schedules.  He's the man I call 'Yeti' and whom I try not to smother in his sleep every night when he snores me out of bed.

And today, Valentine's Day, when I wasn't expecting anything, he surprised me. As per my usual, I was up around 2 30am.  I walked into the kitchen to heat up a cup of coffee.  And I see this.

Yes, the time is correct, almost 3am....I need coffee.

And he made a coupon.  Sushi..yes please.
The scary or chick flick movie line is
because those are my favs...and
not his. LOL

This is the card...we both love the Cash's, their love and
their story.  
And the mister wrote me a song when we were 
married called 'The June To My Johnny'.

So, Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours.

Later I'll be posting some cute V-Day crafts
and gift ideas. 

And to those who are alone today, don't whine. Go by yourself some damn
chocolate, stuff your face
and watch a sappy movie.

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