Friday, February 10, 2012

Matt Patrick Likes Kids To Be Bullied

I'll start by saying this - I don't listen to Matt Patrick on a regular basis.  I'm not a 'fan'.  I am certainly NOT a conservative. With that said, I realize I will always have something to bitch about with him. (and Michael Berry, and Pags)  However, this topic struck a chord with me, as a mother.  Hence, my rant. 
Ta Da. 

This week a Cy Fair ISD cheerleading coach was fired after a recording of her yelling at her cheerleaders.  Abel Olivares' eleventh grade daughter recorded it because he told her to. His daughter was upset with the way the coach had been talking to some of the students and he wanted to hear what was being said.  I'm sure we've all heard about this, those that are local at least.  

Matt Patrick, of The 950 Conservative Talk Radio, spoke about it on his show yesterday afternoon.  While I shouldn't be surprised by anything that comes out of this station's hosts, I couldn't believe what I was hearing.  You can hear the podcast here. 

He starts by mocking the fact that this coach was fired.  Then plays a portion of the recording. He also says he's about to defend this teacher.  Again, to listen to the podcast - go HERE

I want to make it clear that as the mother of two teenagers, I know how teens can be. I know how they can push your buttons.  Regardless, we send our kids to school to be taught, not to be yelled at. (I home school my youngest) If you have an issue with a child, generally you go through the proper channels of the school officials or the parents.  I don't know what the issues this 'coach' had, but this was totally uncalled for.  Mentioning 'Yall don't have a mortgage!" tells me that she possibly is having financial issues. Stressful? Yes.  But that has no place at a job, especially around children.  Man up. Grow up. Handle your business. Do your job. 

Patrick started off telling the story and playing the part of the teenage girl who recorded it. (Don't quit your day job, sir) Patrick offered the question, "Now where did she put her phone in those little cheerleading outfits?" Mr. Patrick, that's not appropriate. While everyone should know that when cheerleaders practice, they're not wearing their uniforms, for the most part, but sweats or shorts possibly. But a typical male ideological vision of teen girls wearing 'little cheerleading outfits' isn't a shocker.  He then used the word 'beotching' when describing the teen who recorded the incident talking to her father.  Really Matt?  So, not only does this kid get in trouble by the school for recording and sharing it, get degraded by a coach.....NOW she has YOU mocking her like a whiny brainless idiot!  

Patrick went on, in a whiny voice, mocking the teen who recorded it, "She's so mean, dad...." He later took calls and I could smell the pansy testosterone through my car radio....and a bit of gorilla sweat.  Patrick basically has the state of mind that it was no big deal that this coach called these teens heifers.  Whether she meant it as calling them fat or other, it's not right.  

Then he belittles the father for going to the media with the recording.  He says how much he loves KPRC, but then complains about the dad going to THAT media source.  So, Mr. Patrick, you can't really 'love' KPRC because they're the nimrods that *gasp* put this on the air and seems to side with the father and teen.  

I commend the father.  Take it public, get the recording out there and get this coach to be seen for what she is.  We all have heard how parents before have complained to the schools regarding incidents with their children.  When a 5 year old boy complained of his teacher berating him in class, nothing was done about it until the father sent him to school with a hidden recorder. (You can hear that story here.) Was that OK, Mr. Patrick? I mean, the teacher was just trying to toughen the boy up.

Callers and Patrick grunted back and forth about how kids today are so soft and yelling at them is good for them and teaches them a lesson. And, "If they didn't like the coach, they can quit the team."  A lot of us parents don't teach our kids to quit when the going gets tough.  We also teach our children to let us know if they are being mistreated. And this, Mr. Patrick, was a woman with personal issues mistreating teenagers. 

Really?  Why should it be OK for a teacher/coach to yell at my child and call her a heifer and then go on to talk about how they don't have a mortgage?!  As a teenager NO ONE has a mortgage.  There are enough bullies in schools these days without the teachers becoming more of them. 

And lest us not's CHEERLEADING.  There is NO reason for a cheerleading coach to get this angry over CHEERING.  

I really hope, Mr. Patrick, that if your son Jake the J-Man comes to you ever in his life visibly shaken and upset because he was called names and yelled at by an adult, that you take action instead of telling Jake to get over it. 

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