Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Moody Nails - A 2 Fer!

No Valentine's Nails. Just normal Moody Nails.  I suck. My bad. Will do some.

But for now, I give you my man-hands.

The nail polish is by Flirt Prod. distributed out of NY, NY.  It was a gift and I can't find any info on these awesome colors.  I hate that. I always want to link products to where to buy them.  But, I can't. So....yeeah.

The base color is Flirt! #19. It's a mocha or coffee or possibly brown brick color.  The top coat is Flirt! #21 and is a sparkly thinnish polish. So the purpose of it, for me, was to have a sparkly topcoat but still see the base coat.

Base coat. About 2 or 3 coats, until I was satisfied.

And the sparkly top coat. 

And my man-hand.
You're welcome.

Nails - 2

This is done on my daughter's fingers.  About a year ago, I did this applique manicure on my kid. I used Sally Hansen Nail Applique kit. it worked awesomely and looked very cool.  But you know me...I always have to find it cheaper.

And I did.  Thanks to the Dollar General, I found a set for THREE BUCKS. There's the price difference at 5-15 bucks VS 3 bucks and 16 nails VS 12 nails. But you have to remember, this is Dollar General and will not have a whole huge variety to choose from. Ya get what ya get. But I still love it.

These are called Fanycy nails Nail Fashion Applique Polish. A mouthful.

This is what you get.

Cut them off one by one.

Some other designs.

They show a photo, but don't say anything. When you cut one off
SOAK IT in water to peel it off.

Rub it onto a clean fingernail.

Rub it on a clean fingernail and file the excess off.

It's very cute. 

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