Sunday, February 5, 2012

No Super Bowl

Annoying Post #1 of my NO Watching Super Bowl - Rantings of a Bitter Bitch

As written by an acquaintance of mine in The Houston Press entitled 'The Five Most Annoying Tweeters During A Sporting Event', Jeff wrote that he had  identified the five most annoying types of tweeters who post during sporting events.

Honestly, there are five types of annoying tweeters in any given arena or subject....during DWTS, during The Walking Dead premiere, during childbirth. Really. I could go on and on. My point is, there is validity in all five types he described.  What I disagree with is his description of them.  I can't help it.  I get under people's skin, and they get under mine.  So, I'm taking this opportunity to rebut an article.   

#5 :  The Over Analyzer : He starts with saying he's not talking about the 'guys' who really know their stuff...but rather 'people' who think they do. 

Ok, that's not an over analyzer. That's a douche bag asshat. That's a big mouth. That's the guy who knows everything about everything and never STFU. An over analyzer is the person who breaks down a simple play over and over and over again, each time attempting a different outcome or possibility. They're afraid to make any decision because of the probability of too many consequences. 

Unless, we're talking about the moronic 'Urban Dictionary' definition - then I stand corrected. Because the Urban Dictionary should be the first resource. Right?

#4: The Over Reactor : This from a man who literally wrote that listening to sports radio could have him ripping out his car radio and throwing it in the bayou. 

We all over react. All the time. We're human. People tweet in all caps and use WAY too much punctuation.  Is it annoying? Totally. Un-follow worthy? That's a bit harsh.  

#3: The Reporter : I can't really write anything on this. Literally, we are tweeting. Tweeting is literally reporting your damn day.  Jeff" wrote, "Look, I don't need you, Average Joe, to give me stats and highlights on every damn play."  Wow.  I really can't wrap my head around someone being so angry over someone tweeting the game.  And as I write this, I'm laughing my ass off. 

#2 : The Bad Sport - We all are when our team loses. Nuff said.

And my favorite one, because this is the one I feel I am. 

The Sports Hater.  Totally me.  Hate sports. And when days like today, The Super Bowl, roll around I will tweet to my hearts content about how stupid football is and everything else I'm doing BESIDES watching The Super Bowl.  

Jeff wrote "Everyone gets a say and if you don't like it, you don't have to look. But when you know that a game is on and you still decide to tell us all that the game we love is stupid and you just don't get it, you don't sound elevated or cool. You just sound bitter."

So, basically if you don't like it you don't have to look but don't do it on football days.  But if you do, you just sound bitter.

Who cares. Move on. Scroll down. Log out. 

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