Thursday, February 23, 2012

"Oh Let Me!" - Yard Addition

For weeks now, the mister has said he needs to mow the yards...front and back.

The back yard literally looks like a rain forest and I'm afraid to venture out too far.  I don't let the kids out there, for fear they may get lost.

Yes, the mister works second shift. Yes, I understand he's tired.  Yes, I am completely capable to doing the yard.  So, let me put it to you this way.  I cook, clean, vacuum, toilet plunge, taxi, wash the dog, dust the house, steam clean the carpet and remain an all around awesome human being.  Mowing the yard should at least be one task the mister can accomplish while home on his days off.  I know, I know...hanging out with other knuckle draggers over beers and cigars is such an experience that has to be had weekly. I'm such a demanding bitch.

His reason for not doing the yard lately is because he needed some carburetor spray or something....the mower wouldn't start.  He looked one Saturday in the garage for a can he swore he had and apparently it was I who made it disappear.  Then he was off doing man things. Since he couldn't find the can, a week went by...and another.  Day before yesterday he was standing on the back patio with me and said, 'Yeah....I really need to do this yard. I just don't have any carburetor spray.'

So I said, 'Go buy some damn spray and I'll do the yard.'  Guess what greeted me this morning on the bar?

So, it was time to don my gross tennies.

That's right bitches....a 9 1/2

And brave the weeds to the lawnmower.

The front yard is mowed. The back yard will have to wait. 
My tailbone said SUCK IT!
So....maybe tomorrow. 

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