Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Our Job is Never Done

I am the mother of two teenage girls, one starting college in the fall, and a fully grown man-child-husband. I've also recently taken in a stray, whom we call Sunshine. I feed her and treat her as my child. She's spoiled already.

It seems I pick up after everyone. The oldest kid will say, "I was just about to pick it up! You don't have to act like I never pick anything up."  Riiiight.  I'm just 'acting' like she never pick anything up because it's an awesome game.

Everyday. Several times a day. I am picking up after someone. And if my family kept up on my blogs - they'd know they were being talked about. Easy remedy - don't drop the ball and mama won't have to blog.

Teenagers bathroom - several times a day I am throwing away pad covers, empty toilet paper rolls, putting up bobby pins, tissue, make up, brushes, straighteners, clothes and towels. Then there's the fight over who's turn is it to take out the trash. Really? Oh, let me!

The coffee table is constantly littered with water bottles, make up wipes. junk mail, orphaned papers, folders, remotes, cups. Oh, let me!

The mister's side table is strewn with tooth picks, allergy meds, batteries, the stray coffee cup, stray mail and general crap. Oh, let me!

I've given up on our bedroom. As long as I can get into bed and out - it seems I'm satisfied with it looking like an episode of Hoarders. Last year, for Mother's Day, since my husband is a man and says I'm so hard to shop for, my 'gift' was a clean bedroom.  Wait....the promise of a clean bedroom.  It never happened. I've not seen the top of the dresser for years.

I'd love to go on strike - like I did in my bedroom. But the fear of my entire house looking like my bedroom scares the shit out of me. Now, you may be wondering why I don't just force my children to clean. You see, therein lies the problem.  You can't teach children to clean like you do. I've failed, maybe. I've spoiled everyone so damn much by doing everything for them for so long - I've created monsters.

So today, I make a promise to myself....and now it's out on the web.  I will clean my bedroom today.  And by clean - I mean I will toss every single item that hasn't moved in a year. I may be divorced after this - by throwing away something the mister really 'needed' - but I'll have a clean bedroom.

That still doesn't solve the problem of picking up after everyone.  That will never be solved. Ever. I'll just do it all myself and complain about it.

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