Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pink and Black Nails

Today is Sunday.  The Walking Dead starts back today after it's mid-season finale.
I. Am. Stoked.
But, on to more nails. 

Sophie is not amused. 
By anything.

One of my fav black polishes.

.99 cent-er from Sally's

Paint whole nail black.

I forgot to show you on the last post - masking tape.
It works wonders.

We're going to do a diagonal design first.
Mask off part of your nail on the

Paint with the pink. Then take off the tape right


Now, you can leave them like this, or
glam them up with some silver.

You can use a liner brush or a toothpick.
Up to you.

And top coat.

For the next nail art, you can use black again, but
I really like this LA Colors because
it sparkles. (Did I just say that?)

See? Isn't that cute?

Oh, and Happy Walking Dead Day!

This is my husband's idea of a perfect
Christmas present for me.
They glow in the dark and stay
on my mantle. 
Thanks Cactus Music!

Tape off the bottom of your nail.

Paint the top.


You can do it the opposite too.

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