Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine Nails

I cannot believe I don't have a bazillion VD nails on here. Ugh. So goes life. Welp, here we go with this one.

The pink is a .99 cent-er from Sally's Beauty Supply.
Love Love those teenie bottles.
And the red glitter is a China Glaze, but any
red glitter polish will do just as long
as it's got a ton of teenie glitters in it.

Pink all over.

I took some shots in our jungle/yard.  Seeing as it's
the beginning of February and it
looks like Summer (hello Texas weather), our
'Poltergeist Tree' looked bipolar.

And here's one of my favorite plants ever. Heather.
It lasted through our fiery drought!

Now paint half the nail in the red glitter.
A few coats should do.

Buddy kept me company outside.

I get these nail art pens at CVS and just
love them!

I drew dots and hearts.
Then a top coat.

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