Sunday, March 11, 2012

Davy Jones - Farewell To A Monkee

Back in the 80s, I was a teenager.  I was in to all kinds of music from Johnny Cash to The Kinks.  I was lucky to have a father who loved country, a mother who loved Motown and brothers who were all in between.  The Monkees came into my life at full force in the late 80s via their television show in syndication.  Every single day of the Summer one year that's what my cousin, Laura, and I watched. Every. Single. Episode.

We memorized every word of every episode. Every word of every song. I'd put my cassettes in my 'jam box' and play with the speakers on side then the other. I could get just music or just voices and I thought I did something awesome. LOL Everyone had their favorites. Micky was the goofy one. Davy was the heart throb. Mike was the sensitive country boy. Peter was the innocent but loveable airhead.  My favorite was Micky, because he was goofy.  But we loved all of them.

Then we heard it, The Monkees Reunion Tour coming to Southern Star Amphitheater. Holy Hell! We were SO going! And we did. We spent the day at the amusement park then made our way to the stage.  I think we were the youngest ones there.

Here we are in 1986 :

We went the next year as well for another concert of The Monkees.  All these years later, we still love them. I carry cds in my car and my youngest daughter wears my concert tee from 1986 as a jammie shirt. For Christmas this past year, my husband got me The Monkees Headquarters album.  From that album the name Harry Nilsson came up and I was off on a journey of Nilsson's gift to the world and a life that was cut way too short.

On February 29, 2012 Davy Jones passed away of an apparent heart attack.  My heart stopped for just a second.  I literally *gulped* as I read it.  I went online hoping it was an internet 'joke' or 'legend' and it wasn't true.  Ugh, it was.

I immediately went into Monkees overload. That Sunday I spent in bed watching every Monkees television episode on Antenna TV. My youngest (15) stayed with me and watched episodes and the movie HEAD.  She's in love with all of them, but I think Davy's her favorite. For a week I did nothing but play my Monkees Anthology cds in my car.  I mourned.

Rest In Peace, sweet Davy boy.  Here are some videos that I just love.

Here he is just ten days before he passed. Unbelievably happy and healthy. Ugh, just puzzling.

 Here is a portion of his audition tape for The Monkees

 Davy Jone - The Artful Dodger

Here is a link to a very rare, it's Davy's First American Appearance in 1963. He was only 17 years old.

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