Saturday, March 24, 2012

Decoupage Furniture - Jared Leto Edition

My 15 year is coo-coo for Jared Leto and 30 Seconds To Mars. COO COO I tell ya!  I don't blame her, he is just a beautiful man.

While she was gone on Spring Break, I decided to decoupage her desk with some of her favorite photos of Jared Leto....I think it makes doing homework less boring. ;)

What you need is glue.  Yup, glue. Plain old white glue.  Why pay three times more for Modge Podge? I don't know, but I do glue works just fine for decoupaging.  I've done it with candles, jewelry boxes and more, As long as you seal it, you're fine. Also, when decoupaging, it's always smart to print the images on a heavy weight paper....the glue will make anything buckle but with thicker paper it's easier to smooth without ripping the paper.

For custom drawer pulls, I used the pulls already on the desk and added a new topper.  You'll see...

FedEx Office printed all the images
together for me on heavy paper.

Then I cut them out.

Glue and sponge brush.
You can use any decoupage you's really
all the same thing.

Squeeze the glue....

Spread it out...

Apply image....

More glue......

Smear Smear Smear...

Keep on Going!
I suggest about three coats of glue.
Then coat with either a spray or brush
on acrylic clear coat for protection.

Now the drawerpulls.  I used the pulls we had
on the desk.  The dollar store has bags of these
glass 'rocks' that are rather flat
and see-through. Perfect for

Grab your glue, scissors and a pen.....

This is the triad symbol for 30 Seconds To Mars...
Outline the rock.

Apply glue to the rock....

Press on image, smear smear smear...

And voila!

I love this epoxy very hard.  It will adhere anything
to anything with a very strong

Apply rock to nob....and wait.

Bam. Custom drawer pulls. 

After each coat of glue has dried, apply a sealer....varnish spray etc. 

There is it!  
My daughter was thrilled!

This is a painting I did for her wall.
She's very happy. 

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