Saturday, March 31, 2012

Easy Easter Wreath

I saw this wreath project online and knew I just had to do it.  Plastic eggs can be found at the dollar store, I bought four bags. I used a flat wreath shape and used high heat hot glue.

Hot glue, the female version of duct tape.

Ribbon can be found at dollar stores as well, and the color is totally up to you. You can also purchase seasonal flowers, sunflowers etc. I got mine at Michael's and they were 50% off so I paid almost two bucks for each one.

Eggs, flowers, glue, ribbon and wreath base.

This is the wreath base I used and was $1.99
at Michael's. 

These oversized flowers were on sale
for half off. Love a sale!

I started by gluing for an egg on 
the outside...then putting
one on the inside. 

Half way done! 

Now for the second layer, cover up
where you see any

Third layer is on the outside to
fill more holes. 

Cut a few inches down from

Glue the base to eggs and the 
stem goes all the way down.

Ta Da!!

Glue the ribbon together after its
around the wreath

And there it is!
I'm very pleased with the outcome!

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