Sunday, March 11, 2012


I've never been a 'pink' kind of gal.  Ok, maybe in the 80s for a few seconds I was. I've always been bright or black. Period.

But while at Dollar General I always stop and look at nail polishes and I saw this pink.  It was bright. It was very girly. But it was very bright. And I got it.  Then I saw a glitter polish. So, yup, got it too.

Let's first get to price comparison, shall we? Okay, the brand of the solid pink is Wet N Dry and generally at a CVS, Walgreen's, Walmart etc these polishes run $3 and on up to $8.  Dollar General has them for under $3! you go directly to the Dollar General website and look for coupons as well. The glitter top coat is Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Strobe Light. Generally available elsewhere for over $3 and up. At Dollar General, it's under. Just sayin.

The glitter polish, Strobe Light is just adorable. When I do glitter, there are two ways to apply it.  One way is just one coat all over the nail. The second way is to apply a second coat just at the nail tip. You can do more if you want, but it gives the illusion of the glitter spreading it's way down. It's very cute. That's what I did here.

The bottom pink coat is called, get ready because this is adorable, How I Met Your Magenta. Ugh, could you die? Now, being that it's a quick dry and a thin polish it took a few coats and it dries almost matte. You can top it with a shiny top coat, or do as I did with glitter.

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