Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Baskets for Teen Girls

When my girls were young, filling their Easter baskets was easy. Candy. Eggs filled with coins. Bubbles. Candy. Peeps. Candy. Do you see a pattern?

Now that they're 18 and 15, and yes I still make them Easter baskets, for me it's much more fun.  I fill them with razor refills they just must have, hair dye, books etc. And this year they were at their father's for Easter, so I got to get out Monday morning for half price Easter candy!

This is for my 18 year old. Crosswords, Mint M&Ms, lotion, oil sheets, lipstick, polishes, 
Swedish fish, BIG kiss, Intuition, Carmex, Argan Oil conditioner, 
and a bag FULL of chocolate treats!

This is for my 15 year old. Pretty much the same but
with Manic Panic. 

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