Sunday, May 6, 2012

EffOff Facewash

That's right. EffOff.

How can something named EffOff NOT  be awesome?

A friend of mine posted a link to purchase face wash hand made one cup at a time by a friend of hers.  I couldn't resist a peek. Click HERE to see the products and order yours!

Plain and simple - this is what you get.

Effoff is a simple yet revolutionary face wash, mask, and scrub all in one. All natural, handmade one cup at a time, and filled with mushy love every day.

 Powdered sea salt
 Powdered oatmeal
 Klamath lake blue green algae
 Spirulina Essential oils of: Frankincense (a leading oil in promoting tight youthful skin) Rosemary Lavender

It's lovingly made by Courtney Henslee and shipped out to you after you place your order! I received mine in a couple of days and was SO excited to open it and use it!

It came wrapped up in 
cute fabric...that I will totally
make into a sachet pouch!

Here are my two orders.

I put mine in old sugar shakers. Shake into my
palm and then water for a paste!


Start with warm water on your skin to open
your pours...

This is my face.  There's no make up on this
face. There are blemishes and zits on this
face. EffOff will make this 
face awesome. 

Shake about a teaspoon...

Add water for a paste and scrub
your face!

This is Courtney's cute face in the's
way much cuter and awesome than my

Effoff, Hand lotion and hand soap in 
my daughters' bathroom. 

I suggest you go to Courtney's site - Eff Off - and see all her products, ingredients and 
deals.  She even has user's comments and everyone is

It's natural. It's home made. I'm all for both of those things. I'm all for small biz.

Go and do it. Order yours today!


Unknown said...

Dawn, I am so honored! EffOff is like my life story, don't stop until you get it right.... And grow up and be able to take suggestions (which I am still doing with users).

I have no negative feedback thus far and I can't believe it. There are two people testing EffOff right now who are switching from proactiv to my humble formula to see what happens.

But you didn't have to have bad skin to use it. I have just forgotten what having bad skin is :-/ but I once did too!

Everyone is commenting on their glowing soft skin and so I feel a less crazy for being the lady trying to sell you some crap from my kitchen. My goal is to keep EffOff totally affordable and BETTER than expensive formulas.

So much love from my heart to yours right now!!!!

Courtney Henslee

MommieDawn said...

It is my total and complete pleasure to not only try your product, but to give feedback and encourage others to do so.

As a teenager, I constantly had breakouts on my chin. I did some modeling and my mother would always take me to the dermatologist and he would literally inject medicine via needle into the zits which has left me with scars on my chin. That's always sucked. I'm 41 now and still get chin outbreaks and 'rash' type outbreaks on my cheeks. I've used Proactive as well...and it's great in the beginning...and expensive and not natural.

I make my own EVOO and tea tree oil that stays in my bathroom for a non-routine thing. But I really needed an all natural (very important to me) affordable face wash.

EffOff not only is all natural, but it's a 'scrub' as well as a facewash and I love that!

I got it Saturday and used it Saturday night and Sunday night. Today, the zits I have are already fading and the 'crud' on my upper cheeks are less.

So I'm sold. I'm impressed and I am more than happy to help support and spread the word of someone like you who works so hard to make a difference with natural ingredients!