Thursday, June 28, 2012

News Print Nails!

For eighteen years I have done my daughter's nails. Eighteen years.  When she was an infant and asleep on me, I'd paint her nails pink. I've done polka dots, stripes, flowers, holiday...all kinds of designs. I loved doing my girls' nails....all designs...all colors.  Just being creative. Neither of my kids ever got any thrill out of it the same way I did. It's always a burst to my bubble.

She grew out of it now and again.

For whatever reason, I think it's thanks to Pinterest and not anything on my blog, she's very interested and has done a few very cute nail designs on herself!  I am beside myself.  I know, I'm pathetic.

Today she did a news print design.  I saw this a while back and I just thought it would be too involved or that I wouldn't have the patience for it. Watching her do it...I had to grab my camera and document! It is adorable!

What you need is :

Rubbing alcohol
A small bowl
Nail base color
Top coat

There she is. Monkee Feet with
everything she needs. 

Tear the newspaper.

Dip your fingernail into a bowl
of rubbing alcohol.

Quickly press the newspaper
on the nail.

Don't wait long. Don't allow the newspaper
to dry on your nail.

Then peel it off and you're left with
news print nails!

Then put a clear top coat!


bunny said...

What polish did she use as her base colour?

MommieDawn said...

I think it was a color from Sally's Beauty Supply...but I think any light grey color works best because the end result looks like newspaper!